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A Digital Twin For A Historic Icon

Hagia Sophia, an iconic place of worship and museum constructed in 537 A.D. is a significant cultural and historical destination located in Istanbul, Turkey. The Hagia Sophia is inaccessible to many who either find the trip financially prohibitive or who are unable to enter the country. As a way to preserve and share this historic location, we teamed up with VRTU, a Turkish interactive agency, to immortalize Hagia Sophia using virtual reality.


The Challenge

Create a new way, more accessible way for individuals to visit Hagia Sophia without having to travel there.

The Solution

Working with Digital History Studios, we created an educational Virtual Reality experience for GearVR and Google Cardboards with support for both English and and Turkish languages.


The experience was well received, and has since been viewed thousands in classrooms, tourism centers, and more.

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