In a city where coworking spaces inhabit every corner, Alley Powered by Verizon needed a way to stand out from the crowd and give their potential customers a way to see their space without having to visit. This comprehensive virtual tour shows potential customers the facilities, features, and amenities available in the space, and integrates with powerful analytics tools to capture insights on the platform’s utilization.


Giving Context

In addition to the call-outs that point out unique features and amenities of the space, we wanted to make sure users could take action. Custom links were embedded throughout the tour to allow users to jump quickly to Alley’s website, where they could then schedule a tour, or sign up for a membership.

Taking Action

The virtual tour highlights the multiple available spaces for rent and shares key information about the space in the form of call-outs. To depict the story and culture at Alley, we embedded Alley’s existing video content to to help give users a better understanding of their mission.

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