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James River Association

Immersive Video Experience

Past, Present & Future Exercise

Motion Graphics Reel

Jamie Brunkow Community Lead @James River Association

They made sure we got an experience that we really liked and were happy with. Capitol Interactive understood our mission and the values we were trying to portray in the video. The video was done with such care that it motivates people to want to do something to clean up the river.

Neil Levin Technology Director @ Powers Media

“They’re incredibly talented and incredibly easy to work with. Joey and team were always available and made sure that we got through the pressure moments. Beautiful end product that ran without a hitch and blew everyone away.”

Nic DiPalma Spacetimelabs

I’m in the “big and bold ideas” business. I rely on partners who want to try making hard things before they decide they can’t. Joey and the team at Capitol Interactive have always had a “let’s do this” approach to our projects, their work ethic is exceptional, and they add another exciting dimension to our creative R&D. They help us make ‘impossible’ ideas possible.

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