Case Study: US Air Force

Scaling Training For Airmen On The Move

US Air Force
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21st Century Training

With trainers moving for various deployments, the USAF faced challenges passing on institutional knowledge for network configuration training. Combined with limited space available for training, this scarcity meant that Airmen-in-training were not able to receive the hands-on training time they needed.


The Solution

In order to scale their training capacity and to increase access to the physically scarce areas, we recreated a virtual reality training simulation for USAF network facilities. The simulation allows airmen to go through some of the most common network configuration procedures, logs student performance, and is modular to account for future expansions.

The Process

When designing the simulation, we drew inspiration from the existing physical spaces and modified them to work seamlessly in our virtual simulation environment. Since the training procedures required multiple modes of interaction, we created a flexible interaction system that allows users to interact with components of the simulations in a number of ways.


The platform will be deployed in 2021, with additional modules planned for future expansion.

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