TourView VR

Virtual Reality For Real Estate

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Introducing TourView

TourView is a collaborative platform for architecture visualization. Leveraging existing workflows, TourView utilizes existing BIM files to create a fully immersive and customizable environment. Available as a virtual reality or augmented reality platform, TourView helps commercial real estate companies to showcase existing or future properties to clients, stakeholders, zoning boards, or the general public.



Properties on TourView can be modified in real time. Choose between different styles of furniture, paint, or other decorations to help your stakeholders bring their vision to life.



Multi-user support allows users to see and collaborate with one another in real-time – regardless of where they are. This enables remote teams of architects and interior designers to work in synch with one another, or with their stakeholders – to create the perfect space.


Consulting & Team Augmentation

For firms with an established immersive team, we off a variety of services to help you round out your capabilities. Contact us to learn more.