An Innovative Approach for TedX Tysons

In this dynamic collaboration, Capitol Interactive partnered with TedX Tysons to revolutionize the traditional event experience. Their mission was to integrate cutting-edge digital solutions, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and a diverse range of video deliverables, to elevate both the in-person and online engagement for the TedX event.

The TedX Tysons event aimed to transcend conventional boundaries by incorporating interactive technology. The focus was on leveraging social media-based AR effects, producing captivating video content for YouTube, creating short, engaging vertical videos for social media, and introducing VR activations. This initiative was grounded in the theme “Doorways”, which symbolized opening new perspectives and opportunities.

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Implementation and Execution

Video Production and Distribution

A significant aspect of Capitol Interactive's strategy was the production of high-quality video content. A skilled team of videographers was deployed to capture the essence of the event. They focused on documenting key speeches, audience reactions, and the overall ambiance. The footage was then meticulously edited to create diverse content formats - longer videos for YouTube, emphasizing depth and storytelling, and shorter, more dynamic clips for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, designed to capture the audience's attention instantly.

Virtual Reality Activations

One of the highlights of the event was the VR experience. Attendees were given the opportunity to engage with VR technology, painting their interpretations of the theme "Doorways". This not only added an interactive element to the event but also encouraged attendees to explore their creativity and share their perspectives in an immersive environment.

Augmented Reality for Social Media

Capitol Interactive embarked on a creative journey to design AR filters specifically tailored for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These filters were not just visually appealing but also interactive, allowing users to engage with the event theme in a unique and personal way. This strategy aimed to foster a sense of community among attendees and extend the event's reach to a broader online audience.

Outcomes and Impact

The collaboration between Capitol Interactive and TedX Tysons led to remarkable outcomes. The AR filters became a hit on social media, significantly boosting online engagement and interaction. The video content, tailored for different platforms, successfully captured the event’s essence, resulting in high viewership on YouTube and substantial engagement on other social media channels. Moreover, the VR activations were a standout feature, with attendees enthusiastically participating and sharing their experiences online.

By seamlessly blending AR, VR, and strategic video production, the event not only achieved its goal of high attendee engagement (a sold out event), but also established a strong online presence, showcasing the potential of technology in transforming traditional event experiences.



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