Joseph Cathey

Founder & Chief Experience Designer

Joseph is an award winning XR developer and 360 filmmaker and founder of Capitol Interactive. Joseph led Capitol Interactive in creating immersive experiences for clients such as Discovery Communications, US Postal Service, AARP, and most recently completed and educational VR Experience on the Vietnam War for Laurene Powell Job’s XQ Initiative in partnership with Washington Leadership Academy. Joseph has worked with numerous organizations to understand how to leverage XR technology effectively, including working with the US State Department on how to use VR technology as a tool for public diplomacy.

As a community organizer, Joseph has worked to grow the DC’s VR advocacy group to over 2,000 members, and in 2018, he was recognized as a District Ambassador by Gensler.


ALi Everitt

Immersive Content Developer

Ali uses various mediums of animation to convey abstract concepts, narratives, and practical ideas. At Capitol Interactive, Ali has led the development of their character animation pipeline by creating a workflow for converting highly detailed 3D models into low-poly versions optimized for use in mobile applications. In 2016 & 2017, Ali facilitated the Summer Enrichment Experience at UMBC, teaching middle and high school students how to create stop-motion animations.


AJ Loayza

Immersive Content Developer

AJ Loayza is an animator specializing in 3D modeling and animation. As an immersive content creator at Capitol Interactive, AJ creates and optimizes 3D assets for VR and AR experiences, in addition to designing social AR experiences.


Kevin Berezansky

Lead Programmer

Kevin is a game developer and programmer passionate about technology and games, and has worked with organizations and major game studios such as a Facebook and EA Games. Working in multidisciplinary teams in close and remote settings, Kevin excels at communicating with people of varying degrees of technical competence to collaborate and resolve issues.



Web Developer

Robert is a full stack web-developer that loves collaborating with teammates to solve complex technical problems. Robert works with multiple web technologies including Angular 2/4/5,Typescript, React, Node.js, Javascript and more. As an interactive developer at Sapient, Robert worked with dozens of notable clients including Marriott where he recently worked on an AirBnB-like application for boutique hotels.