ERVR – Medical Training With Medstar

Case Study: Medstar ER Training Performing Under Pressure with Medstar Washington Client Medstar Services rendered 360 Video High pressure, high stakes The first few moments a patient is in the emergency room are the moments that can determine whether they live or die. To scale training and limit liability for doctors in training, Medstar Washington […]

How Virtual Reality Transforms Education

Add Your Heading Text Here How Virtual Reality Transforms Education Imagine learning how to fly an airplane by reading a textbook. Or learning how to shape pottery from an audiobook. Neither of these are ideal ways to learn the respective skills. And yet today, much of how we educate ourselves and our children comes through […]

Building A VR Stamp Gallery With USPS

Building A VR Stamp Gallery With USPS April 20, 2021 Case Study , Virtual Reality The US Postal Service has been around for over 170 years. As print media has evolved, the art on stamps once coveted by collectors is now less visible than ever. As part of an ongoing STEM initiative with the USPS, […]