Social Media Based

AR Filters

What is Social AR?

Social AR refers to augmented reality experiences accessed as a filter via popular social media apps like Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat.

Increased Engagement

AR effects are highly engaging interactive experiences that create meaningful impressions with your brand.

Wider Reach

Reach a wider audience by removing the need to download an app and encourage social sharing

Integrated Analytics

Integrate with existing social media analytics accounts to measure performance

Low Cost AR

Lower cost of entry vs traditional app-based AR experiences

Supported Platforms

Social AR filters can be developed for the following platforms:

Types Of Experiences

Murals, Art & Abstract

Rewrite the rules and create an interactive experience unlike any other.

Try On

Useful for brands and organizations, allow your audience to try on hats, jewelry, glasses, sunglasses, and more.

Quizzes & Games

Create unique minigames and experiences to encourage engagement with your brand.

Filters & LUTS

Add special flare and color to users photos to complement in person or digital experiences.


Develop unique looks and tones that let your audience augment their appearance with real or fantastical makeup experiences.

Products & Education

Show off products, 3D models, and animated experiences with informative callouts and interactive hotspots.

A student man print prototype on 3D printer

Our Process

In this phase, we work with our clients to understand project goals & key requirements, as well as any requirements for rollout, support, and maintenance.

In this phase, we establish our development plan, create supporting assets, and when applicable, create prototypes.

In this phase, we develop and test project to design specifications and deliver the project to the client.

A la carte


Hone your idea and see it come to life on the small screen using augmented reality.

Create corresponding promotional materials,  put ad spend behind your effect, and work with influencers for increased views

Deploy your effect on multiple platforms for a wider reach across all supported channels.

Create a compliant effect listing with supporting materials for each platform

Split test AR effects, immersive ads, and get insight into audience impressions and engagements.

Extend your experience. Create a mobile application, VR experience, mobile game, 

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