Augmented Reality Street Murals

Capitol Interactive, a tech start-up in Washington DC, has created augmented reality murals that blend physical and digital elements to provide an interactive experience. The technology used in these murals is cutting-edge, allowing viewers to see hidden details, animations, and sound effects associated with the artwork. These murals have become a must-see attraction for locals and tourists, providing a dynamic and educational way to experience the history of the nation’s capital.

Life Of Stars – Interstellar Visualization With NASA

Life Of Stars The First Data-Driven Interstellar AR Series Client USPS Services rendered AR Development Bringing Data To Life Using historical 3D data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory, The Life of Stars connects us with the extraordinary story of stellar evolution through an experience that transcends time and space.     Share We Are […]

Architectural Visualization In VR With TourView

Architectural Visualization In VR With TourView Client Internal Services rendered Product Development Supercharge Your Archviz Workflow TourView is a collaborative platform for architecture visualization. Leveraging existing workflows, TourView utilizes existing BIM files to create a fully immersive and customizable environment. Available as a virtual reality or augmented reality platform, TourView helps commercial real estate companies […]