Case Study: Medstar ER Training

Performing Under Pressure with Medstar Washington

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360 Video

High pressure, high stakes

The first few moments a patient is in the emergency room are the moments that can determine whether they live or die. To scale training and limit liability for doctors in training, Medstar Washington needed a new solution. Working with veteran hospital staff and Navy Seal performance experts from Arena Labs, we created a series of 360 videos that captured the first few moments of admission into an emergency room – giving doctors in training a look at how it’s done.


The Challenge

Create a real-life training scenario to prepare doctors in training for the pressures and processes that come along with working in an emergency room.

The Solution

Leveraging the power of immersive 360 video, we created a series of XR experiences that gave doctors in training a front row seat to action in the ER — giving them greater context in educational materials.


The experience has since become an integral part of medical training for Medstar Washington, and is used across the organization to give doctors-in-training a first.