In collaboration with renowned artist Antoine Williams and arts support group, The Nicholson Project, Capitol Interactive embarked on an innovative project aimed at amplifying Afrofuturist art through the transformative lens of augmented reality (AR). This case study delves into the creation and impact of four distinctive murals, strategically positioned in public spaces within Washington, DC, as a platform for radical Black imagination and expression, challenging the established norms.


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The Challenge

The project's core challenge was to transcend conventional art boundaries and foster a liberated form of artistic expression. The objective was to disrupt the existing status quo and create an immersive experience that encourages public engagement with Afrofuturist themes. Each mural was to feature a unique Mythic Being, a mythical deity conceptualized by Antoine Williams, reflecting the multifaceted facets of contemporary Black life.

Technical Considerations

Capitol Interactive harnessed cutting-edge social media-based AR technology to bring Antoine Williams' Afrofuturist vision to life using the Instagram app and negating the need for users to download any new apps.

The team meticulously integrated AR elements into the four murals, enhancing their visual appeal and narrative depth, which allows viewers to engage with a dynamic and ever-evolving narrative, adding layers of meaning and interactivity to each piece.

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