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12 XR Tools for Remote Collaboration

Extended Reality (XR) technologies are heralded for the ability to imitate the real world using a digital world that has been simulated through sensory feeling – enabling a feeling of total immersion. These immersive technologies come in the form of Virtual Reality (also called VR) and Augmented Reality (also called AR).

Today, we use immersive technology in many ways, including remote work. With remote work the new norm for the foreseeable future, VR and AR tools are now seeing greater adoption for collaboration purposes. Zoom fatigue and the feeling of talking at a flat screen on end has driven innovative companies to seek out new solutions, with AR and VR being an indispensable way of working together without being physically present. Below, we outline 12 of the XR tools that businesses and companies can currently use for remote collaboration.

1. Dimension 10

With a focus on collaborative 3D model & CAD review, D10’s platform is customized based on user needs.

2. Spatial

Spatial features AR & VR collaboration with photorealistic avatars. For teams, there is a $20/month subscription fee.

3. Improov3

Improov3 provides VR conferencing for CAD design teams. It is free with limited features. The core features cost €4,800/year and the Pro version is €9,600/year.

4. Doghead Simulations

With Doghead Simulations, users are able to educate, train and collaborate using virtual reality. Quotes fare assessed based on what users need.

5. The Wild

The Wild is general collaboration platform for VR. Pricing starts at $295/month with 3 licenses.

6. Meeting Room

Meeting Room is exactly what it sounds like – VR meeting rooms with whiteboards. The initial sign up is free and users pay for additional features as needed.

7. Arvizio

This AR/MR platform allows for teams to optimize and share complex 3D models. Costs vary based on the need of the user.

8. Softspace

With Softspace, users can build virtual project spaces to organize, develop, and communicate their best ideas. Signup is free.

9. Future Visual

Future Visual’s VISIONxR platform allows clients to re-imagine experiences, access situations and scenarios that are either physically impossible or prohibitively expensive to recreate in the real world. Pricing starts at £140 per month per user.

10. Vizible

Vizible allows users to create low-code VR presentations for sales and more. Pricing is available by contact.

11. Engage

Create custom training and education scenarios with Engage. Sign up for free and pay as you expand to enterprise mode.

12. Glue

Glue is a General VR team collaboration and training platform. Prices start at €40.00/month per user.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and let us help you to develop an implementation plan today that will best suit you and the needs of your team or organization.