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Capitol Interactive creates immersive digital experiences that teleport you to new places, faces, and ideas.

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Unlock New Possibilities With Immersive Media

We create digital experiences with real-world strategies to help organizations achieve their goals. 

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Story-centric digital experiences

AR/VR Development

Immersive experiences bring ideas to life and allow audiences to actively experience places, data, & ideas.

Video Production

Elevate your brand with engaging video content that tells your story and captivates your audience

Mobile & Web Apps

Create a digital hub for your audience to engage with your brand with a custom web or mobile application.


Add interactivity to your event with photobooths, AR filters, VR Arcades, event videography, photography and more.

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Learn, Build, Create


Chat GPT & Unity: Building Gamified AI Experiences

Hear from Capitol Interactive Founder Joseph Cathey and 2023 Spring Intern Connor Hartzog about how they built a ChatGPT- enabled George Washington.


Frequently Asked Questions

360 Video, augmented, mixed, and virtual reality all fall under a category known as immersive tech. It is also commonly referred to by the umbrella term Extended Reality or (XR).


360 Video lets viewers look in any direction and is often used to capture real life moments in time, making it ideal for training, real estate marketing, and entertainment.

Virtual Reality is a simulated environment that users can walk around in. Widely known for its prevalence in gaming and immersive marketing promotions, virtual reality also excels in providing advanced tools for simulation, training, and architecture.

Augmented Reality technology overlays the real world around you with contextual information, 3D holograms and data visualizations. Smartphone based augmented reality effects such as that seen in Pokemon Go, or AR effects like those seen in Instagram and Tiktok filters are currently the most accessible format.

While "best" is a subjective term, many individuals tend to favor the following devices:

Best All In One:
META Quest 2
Vive Focus 3

For High End Gaming:

Best Value:
META Quest 2
PICO4 (Not available in NA)

360 Camera technology is evolving at an exponentially fast rate. Each camera offers different features and advantages at various price points. Read about our latest 360 camera recommendations on our blog.

No two projects are alike. Check out our blog post "How Much Does a VR App Cost?" for pricing for common requests.

Yes. We offer Oculus Quest rentals as well as HTC Vives and Oculus Rifts for events, demos and conference. See our Events Services page for a complete list of offerings.

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