Joseph Cathey

Founder & Chief Experience Designer

Joseph has created award-winning VR, AR, and 360 experiences for Discovery Communications, US Postal Service, AARP, and more. He has lectured on the use cases of virtual reality for numerous events and organizations, as well as on User Experience Design for VR at UMBC and on VR as a tool for public diplomacy at the US State Department.

As organizer of the DCVR Meetup, Joseph has organized dozens of events and activities to grow the local VR community into an inclusive collective of nearly 2,000 designers, developers, and filmmakers.


Rob Cloutier

Art Director

Rob has been a 3D cinematic animator and compositor for over 24 years. He has worked on games such as Sid Meier's Civilization IV, as well as with government agencies such as NASA, USPS and Department of Defense.

 As an animator with Digital History Studios, he has also worked with educational organizations such as Discovery Communications, the Smithsonian Institution and the Newseum in Washington DC.

Rob recently helped produce the Berlin Wall Virtual Reality Experience for the Newseum, creating the 3D assets for the project.


ALi Everitt

Immersive Content Developer

AJ Loayza

Immersive Content Developer


Kevin Berezansky

Lead Programmer